Vol. XVIII No. October 1986



Three Years And Counting

by Brad Edwards

Maybe it's the Lehigh Valley air I fourth year of illness, there is a leveling- breathe, dancing at the Stonewall for an | off of the probability of dying. After

adrenalin high, frolicking at a Lambda that time, the probability appears to

picnic, or the support and friendship approach zero."

available at the Lambda Center. Maybe Say what? Yes, Virginia, you can

it's the ten or so grams of vitamin C believe in fairy tales.

I swallow every day. No one seems to know Dr. John Whyte of the Boston AIDS

why I am part of an ever-growing minority —Action Committee is beginning a study

survivors of AIDS for over three years. looking at factors that might have helped AIDS is usually defined as fatal people like me to survive and help healthy

and fast. It ain't necessarily so. If people to stay that way. I'll relay the

you passed me on the Hamilton Mall, you results when I get them.

wouldn't suspect I was sick. Although I've As of the middle of July, Lehigh

volunteered for inpatient treatments with experimental drugs, I've never been hospitalized for an illness::related to my condition.

A recent issue of The Advocate had a surprising news item. A doctor from the New York State Department of Health "studied the statistical survival patterns of AIDS patients and found that during the

County reported a total of eight cases, half of which were diagnosed in 1985. Northampton County, which includes part of Bethlehem, reports seven cases.

Many experts believe that case numbers are grossly underreported because of misdiagnoses or the narrow guidelines used by the Centers for Disease Control.

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Py XXL pTaLrtii CY iti.

, % '

es ( FRIDAY OCT. 31

j & 4? Free Admission 9PM 10PM *% After 10PM - $3.00 Admission % in Costume, $5.00 If Not.

) i


—@ ~


WANIL 98:30 nO rt allentown, 00. |8IOl. 215,432:0700


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Reports are also based on place of diagnosis

so the number of L.V. residents diagnosed in NY or Philadelphia, for example, is not included in the local count.

Good news is that AIDS therapy centers have been funded by Uncle Sam in 14 medical centers to study experimental treatments for AIDS and ARC (AIDS- Related Complex). The closest to the

Lehigh Valley are: Memorial Sloan-Kettering,

New York University Medical Center and the University of Rochester, all in New York, the University of Pittsburgh, (nothing in Philadelphia), and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

One last thing. In December, 1984, 4 Call-Chronicle headline writer called me "L.V. Man Dying of AIDS." That should be "L.V. Man Living With AIDS,"

thank you.

BIRTHDAY BASH by Bob Sweeney

More than fifty well wishers came to the Lambda Center on Friday, September 19 to celebrate the second anniversary of the center.

The evening was filled with good conversation, good people, and an overall good time. Conversation ran from politics to "What did you do last night?"

Members and friends gorged them- selves on cake and drank bubbly to the music of D. J. Terry Rich.

Mr. Paul Kendall gave a welcoming speech, making everyone feel at home whether it was their first time there or their tenth time.

Everyone got the chance to meet new friends and to say hello to ol¢ friends.

In Mr. Kendall's words, I, too, hope to be at the center's 20th Birthday Party!


What was half is now whole Not a destination a reached goal A life shared the fading of blue A thought of happiness the thought of you A first snowfall a Christmas gift A spring flower an elevator lift A life full of unending joy Like a grateful child with a new found toy The green freshness of something new A feeling so scarce until I met you!



Le-Hi-Ho, Box 1633, Allentown, PA 18105

The Lambda Valley Monthly is published monthly by Le-Hi-Ho. It assumes no liability for errors beyond the printing of a retraction or corection. Opinions expressed in articles or letters are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Le—-Hi-Ho. Inclusion of the name of any person or organization should nt be taken as an indication of sexual orientation. Le- Hi-Ho assumes no responsibility for the quality of goods or services provided by its advertisers or those listed in the Resource Section.

‘Bar Column

by Bob Sweeney

The Red Star Saloon, 11 South 10th Street, Reading, will be hosting The Reading Railmen Bar Night and Leather Show Saturday, October 11. Their Halloween Party will be held Saturday, November 1 with a $5.00 cover charge which includes one drink.

Nostalgia, 1101 North 9th Street, Reading, offers music from the past with oldies the lst and 3rd weekends of each month. Their Halloween Party is tentatively scheduled for Friday, October 31.

Scarab, 724 Franklin Street, Reading, is in the legal process of turning into a private club. Dealing with the PA- L.C.B. is a long and tedious process; details on the outcome will be in next issue's Bar Column.

Rainbow Mountain Resort, Mt. Neabo Road, Marshall's Creek, East Stroudsburg, will be having their Halloween Party

Saturday, November 1 with prizes for

best dress categories, so in Laura's words, "Come on up and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage!"

Well folks there you have it, a very exciting month indeed. So girls get out your sewing kits and let's see those costumes!

On Tuesday, October 14 you can gyrate to the moves of an exotic male dancer at The 13th Street Pub, 130 South 13th Street, Easton. Party the night away at their Halloween Bash, Friday, October 31, no cover charge with fun and prizes.

The Silhouette Lounge, 524 West Berwick Street, Easton, has a busy month planned, starting Friday, October 10 with Carl and Mama Sleaze, a female impersonating act. October 18 marks The Silhouette's Ist Year Anniversary, cover charge is $8.00 which includes: entertainment with The Reading Re-Bells, a female impersonating

e Fri, Oct. 10 - Carl & Stan Drag Show

e Sat, Oct. 18 - Silhouette Anniversary Party, Featuring The ReBells. $8.00 Donation includes Buffet & Punch. Reservations Taken.

¢ Fri, Oct. 24 - Vickie & Jamie Drag Show © Fri, Oct. 31 - Halloween Party ¢ Fri, Nov. 7 - Tom, Carl & Stan Drag Show

524 W.Berwick St. Easton, PA 250-0803

e Sat, Nov. 15 - Bobbie & A Guest Drag Show



troupe, a buffet and more! Congratulations ladies! Friday, October 24, Vicki and Jamie, a female impersonating duo will be at The Silhouette. The month ends with their Halloween Blowout Friday, October 31. There will be prizes awarded for different categories.

The Glass Door, 221 North 5th Street, Reading, will be celebrating Halloween Saturday, November lst with a $2.00 cover charge.

Now that the season of goblins and ghouls, witches and warlocks is upon us, the area bars are offering their versions of the Monster Mash:

For those avid fans of the Motown sound, The Stonewall, 28-30 North 10th Street, Allentown, is hosting Motown Mania, Friday, October 10. In addition, their

Easy Atmosphere. ..

riendly People...



R.D. 5 Box 788 East Stroudsbura, PA 18301

Halloween Bash is Friday, October 31 with no cover charge between 9 p.m.-10 p.m., after 10 p.m., $3.00 cover charge in costume and $5.00 out of costume, so don something smart and catch the sale! Prizes will be awarded for most original, campiest and best drag.

Candida, 247 North 12th Street, Allentown, will be hosting another musical era, The Fabulous '50's, October 17-19, no cover charge. Dina's ??rd birthday will kick off the weekend celebration. Rumor has it she is old enough to remember the '50's oh all too well! Their Halloween Party will be held Sunday, November 2, no cover charge. Prizes for prettiest girl,

most original and funniest will be awarded.

e Place To Be

rainbow mountain

0) ge Bar a Boufel Soduniaee Sloeze Nalarve or} ara Contest Prizes will be awarded for the Sleoye Ning e Sloe ze Ducen Tickels: Kifleen Dollar

ra ~-—FRS HERG

MCC Column

by Irene Kratz

Success is measured by different types of yardsticks. The event or people involved in any given project may determine what and who is counted to claim success or failure. Perhaps money or time spent and taken in is the rule. Sometimes the goal may appear vague and the undefined measure is what is most concrete. The

latter grouping is the concept that was used being felt.

to declare The AIDS Vigil of Prayer a remarkable success.

As part of an international event, a 50-hour vigil of prayer was held by the Metropolitan Community Church in the Lehigh Valley, fmm Friday, September 5, through Sunday, September 7, at St. John's Lutheran Church (5th and Walnut Streets, Allentown). The time of worship and continual meditation was an opportunity

Jimmy Molchany announces the creation of



A collection of clothing, classic pieces of furniture, art and collectables from around the world.


Monday-Thursday: Noon- 5PM Friday- & Saturday: Noon- 7PM

347 Hamilton St., Allentown, PA. 433-4122

for people to share their concerns and erief within a community during any of the three services, or in the quiet and solitude of St. John's chapel. A similar schedule of events was held in more than 265 citiesin the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand the same weekend. The success of the vigil is still Although the weekend was sponsored by M.C.C., it was open to all churches and synagogues for support and participation. We sent more than 350 letters to church leaders and received 35 responses with only one negative answer. Twenty clergy people, representing seven denominations, attended. Others indicated they would pray and/or preach about the effects of the disease in their own worship services.

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Proclaiming God's Love For All People.




Anniversary Service & Social Hour, 7:30 P-M:

For Information Call 439-8755

See Se


Mailing address: October 1986 P.O. Box 1656 Office phone 433-7377 smtwt f « Allentown, Pa. 18105 24 hour at me 12 13 14 15 16 ss 18 33-5 19 20 21.22 23 24 25 Street address: 742 Hamilton Mall AIDS Services Center 26 27 28 29 30 31 Allentown, Pa. 433-5444 Novemher 1986 1

2. 3 he S 8 7 ot 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Ongoing "GOING ONS" Sundays(10/12,19,263;11/2,9) Metropolitan Community Church 7:30 p.m. Fridays(10/17,24,31311/7,14) Al-Anon 7-8 p.m. NOW 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK - HOTLINE 433-5444

Events at the Center

Tuesday 10/14 Board of Directors 7:30 p.m. Thursday 10/16 Le-Hi-Ho's Lecture Night 7:30 p.m. Sunday 10/19 HOTLINE Business Meeting 46 p.m. Monday 10/20 Womyn's Night 7:30 p.m. Tuesday 10/21 Finance Committee Mtg. 7:30 p.m. Wednesday 10/22 Fundraising and Program Committee mtg. 7:30 p.m. Tuesday 10/28 Center Dev. and Communications Conm.Mtg. 7:30 p.m. Monday Lif3 Womyn's Night 7:30 p.m. Tuesday 11/11 Board of Directors , 7:30 p.m.


FRIDAY 11/21 FOURTH ANNUAL LAMBDA DINNER 6:30 p.m. at Historic Hotel Easton.

[ Membership(s) 4t $15.00 each $ £1 Fourth Annual Lambda Dinner Tickets at $25.00 each $ [ Tax deductible contriutions $ Thank you!!!

Name Phone ( )


Thank you for your continuing support of the Lambda Center.

Lambda Center— Please note that our calendar now uses the format of mid-month to mid-month. This change is to allow for more time to plan ahead for an event at the Center. It is our hope that this will make it easier to plan to attend an event.

HOTLINE GOES TO TWENTY-FOUR HOURS A DAY Begining this month the Lehigh Valley Lesbian/Gay and AIDS Hotline has expanded its services to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more haveing to deal with the an- swering machine. In the past it may have been impossible for callers to leave the message necessary for receive services from the Hotline or it was impossible to call during our operating hours. Neither of these need be the case any longer. NOW you can Dial 433-5444 and receive the information or service you desired anytime day or



The Lambda Center is proud to announce its 4th Annual Lambda Dinner to be held on November 21, 1986 at 7:30 p.m. (Cocktails at 6:30p.m.). This year the dimmer is planned at the Historic Hotel Easton, 140 Northampton St., Easton, PA.

During the dinner the lst Annual Lambda Awards will be presented to those people that have made the lesbian/gay community of the Lehigh Valley a better place to live. Awards for "Lifetime acheivment","Community Service", and "Humanitarian Service" are just three of the awards to be presented.

‘Our keynote speaker for the evening is Mr. David Scondras, member of Boston City Council. We are very pround and excited to have Mr, Scondras in the Lehigh Valley for this event.

The cost of the dinner has not changed from last year. It is still only $25.00 per person. Proceeds from this event go to fund the Lambda Center and its services the ASC and Hotline. Please use the invitation you may have received by mail or the coupon on the Calendar page to order your tickets. We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones on the 2lst of November,

VIDEO NIGHT Video night continues to be a success. On the evening of November 14th we will

be showing the academy award winning movie "Out of Africa". We hope this is worth yor time and consideration to attend.


We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended our 2nd Birthday Party. We all had a great time. A special thanks to Rod for hosting the event and to Terry and Kevin our DJ's... Also a special thanks to everyone who came up to see us at our SUPER SUNDAE booth last month. We estimate we made about 50 sundaes and sold all ten cases of soda, but the most important part was we showed Allentown that the Lehigh Valley does have an active and vital gay/lesbian community and that it is going to be part of the general community... WE ARE EVERYWHERE,

Congradulx’4 SEA ER Nee At BANTER OR valley on its recent celebration of its anniversary in the area. We extend to you warm wishes and hope for continued success.


IN MARCH— Lamda Center Offers Spain Tour

Seeing the world is always more exciting when friends of our own kind are along for the fun. So it is with enthusiasm that the Lambda Center offers its members and their friends an opportunity for some travel to sunny Spain next year that :may prove to be the best antidote yet for the winter blues.

Planned for March 16 to 23, 1987, when that longing for sun reaches its ultimate, the trip features seven days and six nights on the beautiful Costa del Sol in southern Spain, where you may choose to spend your time basking on the beach, exploring the numerous shops of the area or taking guided day trips to nearby cities of interest.

a distinctive collection of

vintage fashions

and accessories for men and women

10% discount with this ad 17 E. THIRD STREET+ BETHLEHEM, PA 691-6711

————_$_ From RT 22. take 378 South across the Hill-to-Hill Bridge. left down 3rd Street Ramp. Go thru 2 traffic lights. Fol-de-Rol is on the left % block past 2nd light.

The amazingly low cost of the trip is $549 per person double occupancy. This fee includes round trip air fare via Iberia Airlines from Kennedy International Airport; transfers in Spain from airport to hotel; accommodations for six nights at the Hotel Natali (a three-star hotel) in Torremolinos; continental breakfast daily; dinner daily, a half-day tour of the city, and all room taxes and service charges.

For small additional fees, as indicted, you may also participate in day trips to Granada (for an extra $35), to Sevilla ($45), to Tangier ($75), to Ronda ($35), to Gibraltar ($45) and to Nerja ($20).

A round-trip bus from Allentown to JFK Airport will be provided at a cost per person that will be determined by the number of participants.

The trip has been arranged through Bravo Tours, Inc., and will be led by Art Arnold, a frequent visitor to Spain and an experienced tour leader who has arranged and directed six tours to Europe, including three previous visits to the Costa del Sol.

For further information and enroll- ment forms, contact Art Arnold, P.O. Box 363, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301. Spaces are limited, so reservations should be made early. Final payments will be required by January 15, 1987.


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It was a moving experience to be part of a service that had up to 15 vested clergy people participating in either the Friday or Sunday- evening service. Those who came to pray, sing and listen received comfort and hope, and expressed their joy that the religious community of the Valley understands we are all affected by this tragedy. They came not for confirmation or condemnation of lifestyles, but to pray together. And that is what happened.

We were blessed with good media coverage and hospitality from our hosts, who went more than that extra mile.

We were blessed to share in ways that are too rare in this polarized world. We know that our prayers will be answered.

The closing moments on Sunday evening captured a measure of the success of the heart. Without instruction or words, those who were in St. John's joined hands and formed a circle to sing along with the theme of the vigil, "That's What Friends Are For."

People came to the vigil out of concern, fear and grief. Young and old, gay and straight, from any and all church traditions, stood together and experienced friendship. That is success.


The next lecture, set for 7:30 p.m. October 16 at the Lambda Center, will leap back 2,000 years to take a look at a gay relationship that shook the ancient world. It was between the Roman Emperor Hadrian and his lover, Antinous.

Although ignored, even covered up, by historians for centuries, the story of the Roman absolute ruler who made his Greek boy lover a god, scandalized even the jaded world of imperial Rome. Find out why the sacrifice of this beautiful boy for the man he loved became a cult that by the 3rd century rivaled that of Christianity.

Even St. Jerome, in denouncing the cult, called Antinous, "a boy of outstand- ing beauty."

What power did this young boy have that made old women and young men pray to him. It's a beautiful love story, and you will not forget Antinous, that boy from Bithynia.

These lectures are being offered by Le-Hi-Ho at a new meeting time on the third Thursday evening of each month-— with occasional exceptions. Take note of the meeting dates in the Lambda Valley Monthly. See you there.

As most of us know, lesbian and gay history has always been in the shadows. Part of the purpose of the gay history lectures being offered by Le-Hi-Ho and held in the Lambda Center is to dispel the myths and reveal the role played by gay peole down through the centuries.

The first lecture on September 18 told the story of Alan Turing, the British intelligence agent who cracked the Nazi code during World War II. But Turing was also gay and suffered persecution by the post-war British state that was so severe, he was driven to suicide.

Women’s Column

by Desiree

Things begin again in the fall...

A new sense of community for the women of the Lehigh Valley has arrived. With the closing of a major social outlet, many women are at a loss as where to meet, socialize and simply be as women. Take heart, all is not lost!

A primary source of activity continues to be The Lambda Center's Women's Group. Women gather at the Center the Ist and 3rd Monday each month for evenings of fun. October promises to be hot, beginning with Games Night, October 6th. A wide and interesting assortment of games is envisioned. Find out that culture doesn't have to be boring on October 20th, when "Women, Nudity and Art" will headline the evening. Bring your sketches! Future events include Videos for Women and A Thanksgiving Pot-Luck Dinner to celebrate ourselves.

New to the valley is Lesbians Unlimited of the Lehigh Valley (L.U.L.V.). This group is facilitating social inter- action among women through alternative low-cost events. Their first event,

a picnic held September 13 was a successful

Lost inside of me


mix of sunshine, good food and great people (new faces came as far as Brooklyn). L.U.L.V. can be reached at P.O. Box 665, Trexlertown, PA 18087.

Did you ever sit back and think, "How can I become more involved?" One way is to stop in at a Women's Night. Another way, send information about those events that are interesting to the women of the Lehigh Valley, be it music festivals, films, lectures, dinners, etc., Let us all have fun!

A Feminist Film Festival will be held October 11 at Prosser Hall, Moravian College, sponsored by The National Organization of Women and promises to be quite an eyeful....

The women of the Lehigh Valley need to have their voices heard. Speak out! I would like this column to be a forum to address issues facing you, us, apart, and together. Suggestions, ideas, information greatly appreciated. Send all such to Women's Column, c/o Lambda Valley Monthly, Box 1637, Allentown, PA 18105.

Realities hard to see Fun which clouds my view

Leaving me wondering what to do Waking to a guilty beat

Till the night creates a repeat The repeat caused by me alone

Showing why I haven't grown.




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