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The Magazine for Users of Atari ST, STE and TT Computers Issue No. 20 August 1992



DTP Books

Gnu C++ TCOS


The Chameleon


MIDI Music Show Inside the TT Working with Didot soft Acceleration



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Printed in the U.K.

Software to speed the ST: Douglas Drummond considers some of the software designed to help the ST’s operating sys-

tem work rather more quickly, Speeding up those screen re- draws that take an age on the normal machine, and banishing the busy bee for ever...

DTP Books

Michael Baxter reviews three books that readers involved with DTP may well find useful, if not essential to their work: A Guide to Type 1 PostScript fonts, Collier's Rules for

Desktop Design and Typography, and Desktop Publishing

Working with Ginter Minnerup offers a

"hands-on experience" of

me - ~O

Lup Wrap text around rectanc ByC obj ech


» am only just reccveri bro i

HE deep dep reaion,

t on by

= moat heart- reak:ng injustices af ihe century. Yea, you uessed it; Liv-: og RA, Cup wed ver Portamouth by penelty water rnp exiled Pom ey fan now lv Birmingham, I juathad fo be at Villa ark to witness if even though it meant a: hurried return from a holiday in Pars. I am Pam esi i athies of ut : all of you well, at least thet he gh-brow abs a i section of 8T Apphoationa era with: a| enough interest in the arta not knowingly to mise any football match on whatever: T'V channel, and not fo waate their Sat- urday ahernouns with any leaa iat urauifa than a pilgrimage

avourite aoccer ground, But at I Gand

some gu d cla =", -_ all o have t to do = 4 hi ere t

=> ZO mA ORs ~

ens. PRG 5 83-83-38 61:08 pm |?

ug eS OUTEKSTE PRG 42872 68-88-28 12:88 am F D 1835 Loy. |

35 22-18-91 69:83 pm MONSTER PRG 2362 18-89-91 61:26 am 3456 21-81-98 68:28 pm

L-CACHE PRG 1671 26-85-88 11:37 pm L-RAM PRG 1432 26-85-88 11:36 pm AUTOFMC PRG 13442 22-84-87 12:61 am SPOOL PRG 512 28-11-85 12:51 am


4 ' -the direct experenceo sates Fe

nal replay win rags

| Se

Didot Professional, taking readers step-by-step through the process of creating a page of text and graphics, using last month’s STicks and

STones column.

i‘. “a

e to Atari I hawows seer at an ml yo ground was the

plastic pitch at Luton, but even that waa

reen rather than grey ~ and I wonder if

tari UK are not muiseing out on aome-

Arch-rivala Commodore were not alow to apot the potential of an asso-

paten' with footh all, deciding to aponsor

Chelaea FC. For a company claiming to

be the lar eraonal computer manu-~

. facturer in the world on the etrength of the

C64, Chelsea were undoubted y an apt hala: after all, they : alao find their

atrongeat aup port! in 8 curious relic from a

py-pene 2 ~ “na aeeinadiere

Inside the TT

As a follow-on to his

popular series on the innards of the ST, Paul Rossiter outlines what lies at the heart of its big brother, the TT.

- your dreams can come true

Harlekin 2 is a unique collection of utilities and applications for your Atari ST and TT computers. All programs are available from a single desk accessory, providing maximum convenience while taking up only one slot on the Desk menu:


PANEL FILE UTIL. DISK TOOLS (—s) ‘com Uy, x = a Rs23s2ec ALARM MACRO

TOS VERSION 1.04 fie) (T) 27/06/1991 ( 11:58:44 ml fl

¢ complete editor with search and replace, block marking with the mouse, external clipboard with cut copy and paste, full page setup options for printing, word wrap and more.

ProFlight 1.2

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.2 of ProFlight, our im- mensely popular Tornado flight simu- lator, loved by reviewers and users . alike.


@ MERMAID Hisoft GROUP ENGLAND «cr 1991 #12345678

This new version of ' simulator includes graphics, the ability set-up, apause key, the view angle and works on the TT!

_ our Tornado flight

' improved colour

to save your cockpit more control over more ... it even

Registered users can upgrade by sending their master disk back, together with £2.50.

HiSoft BASIC 2

HiSoft BASIC 2 is here at last:-

e New, multi-window editor with lots of features

e Extremely fast development thanks to pre- tokenising

e Many more language features inc. static arrays

e Full support for the STE, MegaSTE and TT

e Completely new high level GEM toolbox

e = Linking with Lattice C & DevpacST assembler files

e Resource construction set and debugger included

e 2-volume documentation of over 700 pages

e extremely powerful appointment diary/calendar/ ideas organiser called the Manager. This allows you to make notes of any size and assign dates, times, priorities, icons and alarms to them. Then print out your notes by day, month, year etc. for a complete time management system.

e dynamic printer spooler that takes just as much memory as it needs, comprehensive printer filter.

e full macro processor allowing keyboard shortcuts for Harlekin's modules and extensive keyboard macros, all totally under your control.

¢ communications package allowing X-Modem and Y-Modem protocols plus full modem set up and an extensive dial directory.

¢ many, many more utilities too numerous to mention in this small space, plus a 150-page, wire-bound manual.

Harlekin 2 is available now at a price of £59.95 inclusive. Upgrades from version 1 cost £24.95; just send your master disk back to HiSoft, together with your remittance.

HiSoft C

The ideal way to learn the difficult C language is with an interpreter and HiSoft C for the ST has all you need:

e try out your new C programs quickly and easily

e interactive editor with on-line help

e debugger with single-step

e extensive GEM toolbox

¢ complete manual with C tutorial

HiSoft C is al- ready widely used and has been well received by its users and reviewers alike.

So take the hassle out of & and y learn the language everybody's talking about.

When you're ready, move up to Lattice C 5. Di d

Diamond Back is the hard disk backup utility that you have all been waiting for. Packed full of features and with an extensive manual, it is the fastest and friendliest package available:

e Extremely fast backup of any number of drive partitions and directory paths

e Easy-to-use GEM interface with online help

e Incremental backups by date/time or using the archive bit (TOS 1.4 upwards)

e Lots of information and features - disk statistics, disk usage estimation, backup to different floppy types or to other partitions, automatic drive switching, flexible full or partial restoration

e Incredibly fast data compression algorithm

e File encryption included

e Even backup Spectre partitions

HighSpeed Pascal 1.5

Version 1.5 of this immensely popular compiler is now

available. Additional features over 1.1 are:

e inline assembler

e help desk accessory

¢ i/o-mapped maths co-processor support

e faster, improved editor; more compact libraries

* structured constants - an invaluable addition ° absolute-address variables

Upgrades from earlier versions cost £7.50 inclusive

including new documentation.

For those not in the know, HighSpeed Pascal comes from Denmark, is extremely fast and friendly to use

and is very closely compatible to the immensely

popular Turbo Pascal on the PC, even including the

graphics unit from the PC.

Compilation speed is roughly 20,000 lines per minute with excellent code generation for the ST and the TT.

Priority Order Form

Yes, please rush me copy/(ies) of

: HiSoft C Interpreter @ £59.95

: Lattice C 5.06.02 @ £149.00

: | ProFlight Tornado Sim @ £39.95

: HiSoft BASIC 2 @ £79.95

: : HiSoft Devpac 2.25 @ £39.95

: HighSpeed Pascal 1.5 @ £99.95

: : Diamond Back @ £39.95



i: | enclose a Cheque/Postal Orders _ | would like to pay by: i.£ Access/MasterCard/EuroCard etc.

Visa/TrustCard etc. Card INOS ec cama Expiry Date: Signature

All prices include UK VAT and postage within the United Kingdom. Goods will normally be despatched within 2 working days of receiving your order. Call, write or fax for export prices. All offers subject to availability.

Please post this coupon to HiSoft at:

The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK45 5DE_ UK. Tel: +44 525 718181, Fax: +44 515 713716

Free mouse mat with every order!

Please phone or write for upgrade details for

HiSoft BASIC 2 and Harlekin 2.

Contents CONTENTS Articles Regulars The Third MIDI Music Show ...........0....0...00- 8 THRO TROT Ee i a 16 Pe ON ee a subway 4,6 CFOOV SCOR Sn A 20 CPM CPP ENE eh scdeec as eusk eek Watdteee ye plewbacouds 30 Working with Didot Professional ............... 22 JOVEMIAN S JOUTNEL 60.6... c.cccslisessonnsenenessensee 38 SOP ACCOLEN ATOM ooo iicoes cack co uclouceadivaloseu, 27 ERO AAU MO GL CUP icc 40 Distt OP PCRS WI OME R cea cdeel elu 4] POP aia Gewes scccbcbea eda Guelnadeeacueed Ogi 42 BEET BORG iil iccli bi ssslo eas OO ce Nn 9 TIOSREGD PPS N INO MA .scscvaiccecsenseseecesdiscsacee 47 re Tat A ar PEE Dane mc GIT EP URE RNC S LEN Ie 13 Programmers’ FOTUM.,..........cccccccccccsseeeceneee 48 TCOS Classification System...............cccc0000- 32 CAD Colm a Ls ded neidics sues 53 RDE - The Ultimate RAM Dish? .......0........ 34 aaa AGVCTER ii tiuddaneviuneieicecdeiuuaveeros o4 The Chameleon v1.19 00.0.0... cccccccccseseccccseeeeee 390 BE Eee

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ST Applications Issue 20 Page 3

News Atari News Music Pro News | Atari Nintendo Battle iy, take full advantage of the change these to suit. If for eeling Partner is a flex- Decided increased clock speeds of the example, an application was ible arranger and real-

tari have lost a major legal battle with Nintendo which has been going on for over two years. Atari had claimed that Nintendo was illegally monopolising the video game market in the US. The trial lasted for eleven weeks and Atari were claiming $160 mil- lion by way of lost sales as a result of alleged illegal mono- polistic practices. Atari's case was based on the fact that until 1990, Nintendo only allowed developers to create software for their consoles if they signed an agreement not to produce a version of the same game for any other machine within the following two years. Atari were claim- ing that this restriction pre- vented developers from pro- ducing software for their machines.

The court decided that Nintendo did have monopolis- tic power but had not harmed Atari's sales and no damages were awarded. The jury failed to reach a decision on two further charges that Nintendo's licensing terms were an unreasonable re- straint of trade and that these constituted abuse of their monopolistic postion. Atari are considering pressing for a retrial on the outstanding charges and may even appeal against the original decision. The result was being welco- med by Nintendo as this was the first of a number of pend- ing cases involving alleged anti-competitive practices.

STE Support From Atari

Atari have decided to start producing STE only games which take advantage of the extra features of the machine such as the blitter chip, hard- ware scrolling and stereo DMA sound. They have already aquired the rights to several coin-op conversions which will appear later this year. The games currently under developement will also be fully TT compatible and

Mega STE and TT. This move has been taken owing to the lack of STE only software by third party developers. As well as the coin-op conver- sions, a number of original titles are also being planned.

Success For WWF Sponsorship

Atari's recent sponsporship of Sky TV's World Wrestling Federation events has been hailed a great success. The sponsorship deal advertised Atari at every commercial break. The advertising was targetted at 10 to 15 year old games players and Atari claim that sales of the Lynx handheld games console have increased by 40% since the event. Future tie-ins with other WWF events are being considered.

Multi-TOS - The Details

Further details of Multi-TOS (see ST Applications 19) emerged at the ACE ‘92 Show in Toronto. Atari's Bill Reh- bock demonstrated the new operating system to the general public and gave the fullest account yet of its capa- bilities. Contrary to its name, it will allow GEM-based pro- grams to multi-task as well as TOS and TIP applications. The Mega STE and TT will take full advantage of the 68030 chip's memory protec- tion facilty which prevents a crash on one application tak- ing the whole system down with it.

Multi-TOS will be a cotn- bination of hardware and software. The ‘bare bones’ of the system will be incorpora- ted into TOS in the ROM chips. However, the majority of the system will be disk based. This will allow the user to set up and save preferred parameters. Software pro- vided shows how much CPU time an application is being offered and how much it is actually using. Although Multi-TOS assigns the required memory and share of CPU time, the user can

allocated 15% of processor time but it actually used up only 10%, the remaining 5% could be reclaimed for use by other applications. The reverse is also true if an appli- cation was running sluggishly because it required more CPU time.

Multi-TOS will be supplied as standard with all new machines and will be avail- able as an upgrade to existing ST owners. The average user with an ordinary 68000 based ST or STE will not have the benefit of memory protection but Multi-TOS will attempt to identify the problem applica- tion and shut it down without affecting other applications. However, the most serious of crashes will still result in sys- tem lockup. Multi-TOS is transparent to all software and existing applications will not require to be re-written to take advantage of it.

Multi-TOS is claimed to run almost as fast as existing TOS versions. This is done by reclaiming CPU time which is currently lost waiting for AES event input. The only limit to the amount of applic- ations running concurrently and the amount of windows open will be available memory. Multi-TOS has already been sent out to developers and is expected to be released to the public this Winter in The States. A UK release should follow shortly afterwards.

Atari Encounter Big Losses

Atari Corporation recently posted their ist quarter trad- ing results for 1992. Sales dropped by $19.3 million compared to the Ist quarter of 1991. This translated into a net loss of $13.4 million com- pared to a loss of $2 million for the same period last year. A large proportion of Atari's income is derived from Europe and the loss was con- tributed to by an extra $8.1 million in exchange charges compared to that of the Ist quarter of 1991.

ST Applications Issue 20 Page 4

time harmony response with a 16 track Midi sequencer. It has six pre- defined instruments which play in harmony with your melody, chords and instruments in real time and you can build up complex songs from your own recorded tracks plus a variety of preset but programmable features. Feeling Partner costs £175.

Lizard is a comprehensive universal keyboard editor. It can edit up to 10 keyboards at once and is Softlink and MROS com- patible. Lizard can snapshot your keyboard's configuration, allow- ing for perfect synchronisation

and the keyboard drivers make

full use of all your keyboard's features. Lizard costs £175 and the keyboard drivers, of which there are currently 55, cost £35 each.

The MCA-16 is VCA Midi automation rack which will will work with any sequencer hard- ware or software. It includes flex- ible input/output configurations with powerful Midi control acting as a stereo/mono mixing bus using presets. The supplied soft- ware allows you to run the MCA- 16 from your computer desktop or from a dedicated main pro- gram. The MCA-16 costs £999.

The Quasar-XL is an auto- mation rack designed for the pro- fessional musician. It includes all the features of the MCA-16 and several more, including XLR input/output in an 8 track unit. The Quasar-XL costs £849.

The MPG-8 is a single rack four track Midi noise gate. It works independently of auto- mation racks and allows you to link your sequencer directly to your desk for effecient fader con- trol. You can link together as many MPG-8 racks as you require. The MPG-8 costs £549.

For further details of the above products contact:

Music Pro Import (UK),

15 Gartmoor Gardens, Southfields, London SW 19 6NX;

Tel:(081) 789 8641; Fax:(081) 780 9541.

~The Dawn Of A New Era

2 New programs that will revolutionize your ST(E)/TT



File Instrument Paintmode Parameter §gaiiee Contrast Trace Edges! Sharpen! Soften : Blur!


Make Rough

Add Structure Flip Horizontal Flip Vertical Invert

Effects aperate aa ive

Visible Area f Whole Picture

Gum | NEAR T

Didot LineArt, is the latest and possibly greatest vector art package of its type to become available for the Atari ST(E)/TT, Didot LineArt displays a fully thought out user interface, and a wealth of features to make vector graphics useable.

Didot LineArt includes three main modules which are; The Font Editor


ai=gmeltle |=


Retouch is a truly revolutionary new graphics tool for the Atari ST(E)/TT. As a Creative user you'll know that a picture can say a thousand words and that powerful tools are essential to achieve the quality you need. We can guarantee that after using Retouche. you'll look back on the days of tortuous pixel-punching with the best of the current bunch of high resolution monochrome art programs as a gruesome nightmare.

Retouche brings new levels of graceful ease and elegant sophistication to the subtle art of fine halftone image retouching, whilst possessing the sheer brute block processing power necessary to execute its comprehensive range of radical full blown image processing techniques. All very smoothly at the highest quality possible and available directly from your desktop.

Price: £175.00




allowing Postscript Type 1 and Calamus fonts to be edited/converted; The Auto-trace Module (level 1), which allows you to trace bitmap images for conversion to vector file formats; and finally The Vector Module itself, allowing you to create simple and complex artwork. Also a number of file formats are supported, including IMG; GEM; CVG; TIFF and many more.

"What better compliment could a reviewer make than to say that the package under review has pushed all competitors off his hard disk? For me, it's definitely good-bye to Easy Draw, Megapaint Professional and Outline Art.”

Gunter Minnerup. ST Applications

Price: £235.00


CGS ComputerBild 19 Ledbury Place Croydon Surrey CRO 1ET Tel: 081-686 8121 Fax: 081-666 0405

For further information and to place your order, please complete and return this coupon to: CGS ComputerBild, 19 Ledbury Place, Croydon, Surrey CRO 1ET. 10% Discount available with this coupon. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Please allow for postage and packing.

Please rush my order through as soon as possible. | enclose payment of £.........

Please send me further information CO


£ £ £ R.RP P&P Total 175.00 - 10% +3.75= 16125 530.00 - 10% + 5.00 = 482.00 235.00 - 10% + 3.75= 215.25

355.00 - 10% + 5.00 = 324.50

Another Bubblejet

Fujitsu recently entered the Bub- blejet market with a budget-priced model called the B100. It gives a draft speed of around 160 cps and has a maximum resolution of 300 dots per inch. The B100 is fitted with a semi-automatic sheet feeder and a 70-sheet feeder is available as an optional extra. The B100 costs £349 and comes with six built in fonts. Thirteen additional font cards are also available.

Z*Net Merges With Atari Explorer

Readers of the on-line magazine Z*Net may be interested to know that the publication recently mer- ged with Atari Explorer Magazine, the official publication of Atari Corporation in The States. The result is a new fortnightly on-line magazine called Atari Explorer On-Line. It continues to be avail- able for download from Genie. Many of the Z*Net staff have transferred to the new publication.

Electronic Arts Drops The ST In a surprise announcement, lead-

ing software house Electronic Arts have said that they are to develop

no more titles for the Atari ST. They decided to pull the plug on the ST version of John Madden's American Football after they con- sidered that the game would not generate enough revenue when compared to versions for other computers. This essentially puts paid to any hopes of an upgrade to the popular Deluxe Paint package.

Microprose News

Microprose have just opened a new office in Manchester which will act as a development base for their programming teams. In addition, they intend to move their head- quarters from Tetbury to a less rural setting towards the end of this year. As part of their expansion plans, they have recently pur- chased independent software deve- loper, Vektor Graphix, who have been responsible for a number of releases over the past few years with probably the most notable being Shuttle from Virgin. Micro- prose intend to expand the com- pany, who are currently working on two Microprose titles.

Formfinder Predicted Gold Cup Winners!

Adam Squibb's Shareware Form- finder program has recently been upgraded to v2.0. It now uses menus, takes account of the top ten trainers and jockeys for the current course, past favourite form and gives even more accurate predic- tions. During testing in January 1992 it accurately predicted the winners of the Newbury Gold Cup,

Gemulator Set For September Release

ranch Always Soft-

ware's Gemulator (see

ST Applications 18) is

to be released in Sep- tember at $399. Advance orders are currently being taken at an introductory price of $199 until 3ist August. The Gemulator is an ST emulator for the IBM PC and compatibles. It requires a ‘386 or ‘486 with at least 4 mega- bytes of memory and a VGA monitor. It consists of a plug-in board and software. Any ver- sion of TOS may be fitted (in 6 or 2 ROM sets) and the Gemulator runs all three ST resolutions. The blitter chip is emulated in soft- ware. Although the TOS ROMs will be required, they are not fit- ted as standard. Most ST soft-

ware will run, with Midi applic- ations and some copy protected games being notable exceptions. The Gemulator has two extra ROM sockets which could be used for plugging in MAC ROMs. This should allow Spectre 3.0 to run under emulation. Mac emulation will not be a feature in the first release but may be in- corporated at a later date. For further details on the Gemulator contact

Branch Always Software,

14150 N_E. 20th Street, Suite 302,


WA 98007, USA; Tel/Fax: 206 885 5893.

Cheltenham Gold Cup and two win- ners in the Cheltenham Festival. The Shareware version which has a number of features disabled is available from The ST Club. Registration entitles the user to the full version which comes in a smart black wallet along with instructions on the program and advice on how to bet and how much. Features of the full version include loading and saving of races, up to 20 runners per race, entering of race results and updating of resource, trainer and jockey files. The full version of Formfinder v2.0 costs £20.00 and is available direct from the author Adam D Squibb, 11 Beaulieu Place, Peel Common, Gosport, Hampshire, PO13 OOP.

Monulator Upgraded

Moriarty Software's Monulator has been upgraded to v1.85. The Monulator is a software alternative

to the high resolution monitor. It gives a 640x400 pixel display on a colour TV or monitor. Contrast is better than the PD mono emulators, with two text filters and a green screen option. In addition, the Monulator can display the high res screen as a double height display

using the mouse to scroll the screen.

The Monulator costs £20 and is available from Moriarty Software, PO Box 262, Crawley, W Sussex, RH117FJ.

Third Coast Go Bust!

Third Coast Technologies went into receivership recently. They made a name for themselves as the first UK distributors of low cost ICD hard drives. The products they sold were very competitive but Third Coast had established a bad name in customer relations over the years. No details of outstanding debts were available as we went to press.

Chart Your Family Tree On Your ST

amily Roots is the latest

release from Floppy-

shop. The program was

written by Chris Skel- lern, author of several Budgie titles, and took three years to develop. It is designed around a fully functioning integrated workbench which is ideal for both the serious user and begin- ner alike. It uses a combination of screen graphics and integra- ted database to create a high degree of flexibility. The grow- ing tree structure can be zoo- med, scrolled, altered, scanned,

printed, manipulated etc. The workscreen can be described as a sheet of graph paper 20448 units wide by 6400 units deep and can accommodate almost 270,000 individuals. Memory usage is very conservative with data for 1,000 entries taking up as little as 100k. Family Roots costs £24.95 and a demonst- ration disk is available for £1.00. For further details con- tact:

Floppyshop, PO Box 273, Aberdeen AB9 8SJ; Tel: (0224) 312756.

CES ’93 Now A Strong Possibility

ollowing last month's

announcement that

News International are

contemplating a UK version of the Chicago Com- puter Electronics Show, we can confirm that further discussions have taken place between them and a sizeable group of potential exhibitors. Those attending the special presentation included Dixons, BT, JVC, Sony, Sharp, Sanyo, Atari, Commodore and Acorn. A further meeting is expected to have taken place by

ST Applications Issue 20 Page 6

the time you read this, with a final decision on whether or not to stage the event being taken shortly afterwards. If it does take place, it will be held in Autumn 1993 and will cater for home computers, games con- soles, TV, video, audio, radio and photography as well as everything else which comes under the banner of consumer electronics. The preferred dates are September 16th to 19th with November 11th to 14th also under consideration.

THE HOME COMPUTER Over the last ten years, the computer

has established a permanent place in the

home, and the number of home. computer users increases dramatically every year.

Many people have yet to tap the full potential of their home computer and are constantly looking for new ideas and applications.

The most popular systems have proven to be the ST, Amiga and PC, and at the International Computer Show, you will be able to see, try and buy a whole range of products and services which will help you to maximise your use and enjoyment of these machines.

Working from home? In the home office feature you will see all the latest technology available for the small home office, including word processing, spreadsheets, desk-top publishing,

upgrades, tele-networking and modems.

Looking to help your child's education? Many companies will show all the latest computerised educational courses from early learning to GCSE and beyond.

What about Multi Media? It is now possible to create, reproduce and store sound using your home computer thus enabling you to unleash your own musical creativity and improve your musical performance. Video and visual interfaces are another rapidly developing field where you can edit and change your home videos.

All this and entertainment too! Many exhibitors will be showing all the latest games software and of course the hand held games consoles - the fastest growing home computing niche.

So whatever your area of interest, you'll find the hardware, software, peripherals and consumables you'll need at the International Computer Show and all at great show prices.

Pre-purchase your fast lane tickets to save money and beat the queues. Simply call the ticket hotline number 0726 68020 for your tickets now. Or send the voucher with your cheque or credit card number. Closing date 3rd July 1992.

Ticket prices:

Admission on the door £6, Under 10's £4

Fast lane tickets (before 3rd July 1992) £5, under 10's £3


Westminster Exhibitions Ltd, Surrey House,

34 Eden Street,

Kingston, Surrey KT1 1ER

To: International Computer Show, Please send me PO Box 68, St. Austell PL25 4YB | enclose a cheque/P.O./Credit card details for £

Name Address

Credit Card No. OR phone 0726 68020 to book with credit card

meal M'celel am ate)tat=mae)ialeleiaiate malzyevet

Incorporating the 16 Bit Computer Show

Sponsored by



Britain’s top computer magazines

10th - 12th July 1992

Friday and Saturday 10.00 to 6.00, Sunday 10.00 to 4.00 | Wembley Conference

& Exhibition Centre, London

Nearest tube station - Wembley Park (Metropolitan & Jubilee Lines) Easy access - On site parking - Follow the signs to Wembley


VENUE OF Lecenps ‘vider gangways and facilities for the disabled


= » ay

Europe's biggest show specialising in everything for the ST, Amiga, PC and consoles - Hardware, Software,

Peripherals and consumables.

In addition to 180 companies showing the latest available for use in the home, there will be seminars, demonstrations, hands on opportunities, a home business feature area, free advice centres and rides! A fun day out for one and all!

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The Third MIDI Muyic shoo

Report by Ofir Gal

Held at the Novotel, Hammersmith this year, the MIDI Music show was the biggest so far with more than 130 stands displaying the latest samplers, synthesi- zers and music software. The ST still rules as far as the MIDI scene is concerned, although several stands were proudly demonstrat- ing thetr software on Macs and PCs (Windows 3).

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hardware devices were officially

launched at the show and I will do

my best to mention all of them - MPI were demonstrating Lizard, their new generic synth editor on a brand new Mega STE as well as Feeling Partner, a composition oriented sequencer. MCA-16 is a new VCA mix automation system that claims to overcome the dreaded zipper-noise phenomenon at less than £1000. A similar product named Niche-ACM could be seen at the Argents stand. Both systems can be controlled via a sequencer.

MIDI files are becoming increasingly popular and Hands On, Heavenly Music and Newtronic were playing selections from their ever-growing catalogues. Hands On were also demonstrating a unique device: OnStage allows loading and play- back of MIDI files using an ST without a monitor, hence the name. Newtronic, distributers of Geerdes products, were demonstrating StarTrack, a brand new multi-tasking sequencing package running under MIDIShare at £150 for the basic package. The full English version will be available soon.

A new MIDI to CV converter was launched by Kenton Electronics, known for their analog synths MIDI retrofits. Intonation had Cubase drum maps for the Alesis SR16 drum machine for £7 as well as a simple hard-MIDI-thru/out split- ter. Disappointing was the absence of Steinberg/ Fvenlode, as many visitors were keen to see Cubase Audio at work.

Creative Sounds were demonstrating Impro- viser, an interactive improvising editor which produces, well... creative sounds... The program requires the user to input the basic melody and harmony to generate improvised melody lines based on the original melody.

The United Kingdom MIDI Association were offering MIDI documentation as well as back issues of MIDI Monitor, a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to MIDI. Membership to the UKMA entitles you to a free help line supported by Vic Lennard. The UKMA also launched a new and useful product named ModemMIDI, which allows you to use the serial output of the ST as an extra MIDI out and therefore giving a total of 32 MIDI channels. At a special show price of £25, this in my mind was the bargain of the show.

Sound Technology distributors of C-Lab soft- ware and hardware were busy demonstrating Notator Logic for the Mac, while PolyFrame II

was not being given the attention it deserves. Version 2 of PolyFrame is